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Place of Use: Indoor / Outdoor Floor Wall Applications,

Street, Square Projects

Swimming pool

Landscape Applications

Building Facades

Decorative products

Urban Furnitures and sculptures


Sale: Cut to size, Cobblestone, Tumbled stone

Quarry: Alanya-Demirtaş

   Diabase also known as dolerite and microgarbo in literature; extracted from Alanya-Demirtaş quarry. It is a volcanic stone with high level hardness. It is structurally similar to granite and basalt stone. It reveals a green and homogeneous color with fine inclusions resulting from crystallization with medium colored basalt stone. This stone, which is extremely resistant to harsh climate and stress conditions, is suitable for outdoor use.


  The usage of this stone is quite wide. Building facades, swimming pools, landscaping and interior projects, and also applications such as streets, squares, driveways, pavements. In our factory, different surface treatments are applied and made suitable according to the area of ​​use.

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